Vaginal Douching

Vaginal washing emerged as a contraceptive method in the 19th century, and since it was understood that it was not protective against pregnancy, it remained a cosmetic practice. This application, which takes its place as "Vaginal douche" in the literature, is used by women for various reasons, but it is all based on the idea of "feeling better".

Partner satisfaction

Women do VD to please their spouses by doing their own self-care. Middle-aged women prefer VD to have a younger-looking vagina, and young women to narrow the vagina. In fact, VD is frequently used by women who cheat on their spouses because it eliminates the evidence.


It has been reported that women use VD to feel good. In fact, feeling good is basically based on feeling clean.
Women feel an inherent pressure about vaginal cleaning because they believe that the inside of the vagina should be cleaned as well as the outside.
For many women, blood and sperm residues are seen as the source of bad odor. This causes VD after anxiety to be heard by others and bleeding. Women say; “that they feel dirty when they do not have VD”, and that they feel clean and fresh when they do VD.

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