Our Story

We aim to improve the quality of life and to support wellbeing of women with our innovative, reliable, therapeutic and rejuvenating feminine care products in the fields of Gynecology and Dermatology. Our brand works with global American and European manufacturers in a strategic manner and collaborates with world's leading medical device, cosmetics and medical technology companies for efficient and innovative products.

Our portfolio is based on clinical evidence to ensure that every customer 'stays healthy'. Our vision is to position on innovative edge and to become one of leading feminine care brands in its field. Mon Etoile de Beaute was founded in 2020 and launched in USA market in 2021. The companies with which we cooperate have already been awarded with FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificates in Europe. We continuously evaluate the diagnosis and treatment protocols through a network of experts within the framework of special conditions and needs of women so that we can offer personalized solutions to our valuable customers

Mon Etoile de Beaute has already been registered with USPTO. We have also registered our products through FDA VCRP and we registered the brand on Amazon. First SKUs were launched and started selling at the beginning of May. We are now at the stage of adding new products to our portfolio. Sales channels at the moment are basically Amazon, Walmart Marketplace and our ecommerce platform. The products are crafted in an innovative manner by adding Boric Acid as an active ingredient to solve (not to mask) women's intimate issues.

Fulfillment has been our utmost priority from the very beginning and this why we signed a contract with SHIPMONK to run our pick/pack/ship procedure. This gives the customers a very high-quality service for the orders that we fulfill like FBM and/or our own ecommerce platform.