It was the beginning of 2020, when the pandemic first started, I remember I was teaching at the University and with the uncertainty brought by the Covid-19, the classes suspended and we started to work from our home offices in isolation, away from students. Dean thought that this was the time to fill our spare time with a project helpful to everybody. The content of the project was attractive and at the same time, it gave the opportunity to create an employment for the Laboratory Team of the University and to open an office on the campus. Project positively filled all the void of the pandemic in an instant. I started the project with a young female lecturer colleague. The description of the work was to develop an anti-bacterial finish on the surface of woven fabrics used in home textiles and also to combine this project with a cosmetic product and market it as a collection and brand it.

The project was interesting, but apart from textile engineering and product management, which I know very well, I had no idea in the field of cosmetics. However, I knew that I would somehow solve this unknown equation within the University. One month after the progress of the project, my friend, who was in the team, decided to return to Germany with his family due to the pandemic and I was now all alone in the project. Senior Professor and I discovered that there can be anti-bacterial finishing with Boric Acid obtained from Borax minerals, that my country constitutes 75% of the world's reserves, and that we can introduce this raw material into the University's Laboratory very quickly. In the following days, we were able to apply Boric Acid on the surface of terry cloth and on the fabric surfaces that we use in bed linens, and we documented the guarantee of three hundred washings in household washing machines from the laboratory. Now our fabric was ready for production, and we were in a position to sell this anti-bacterial collection attractively to everyone during the pandemic period. However, my senior teachers expected an interesting idea from me to find the product in the field of cosmetics, and I questioned my sister, who is a well-known gynecologist, whether there could be cosmetic products in her field. My sister is a reputable physician in her specialty and has a strong research streak. A week later, he told me that I could make female intimal products with Boric acid (H3BO3), a product obtained from Boron, and that I could even get an exceptionally good result with products with this anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agent substance during the pandemic period. When I explained this idea to my senior professors at the University, they gave me full support, and this is how my adventure in establishing my first company in the incubation center within the campus began.

I was excited because the product stories always revolved around women. Finding solutions to the problems of women from teenage to menopause, touching their lives and turning these two assorted products into life was the first signal of a great journey for me. The entire process on the textile side was over, but the long journey on the cosmetic side had just begun. In the summer of 2020, I started my first sample studies with the manufacturer, country's contract and export giant, and had my niece, who had just started her menstrual period early, and my mother, who had a painful menopause at the age of seventy-five, have the first samples evaluated. The results were excellent. Later, we started to apply it to my sister's patients by making focus groups of 10 to 15 and the results were still progressing exactly as we wanted. We were developing the product content according to the feedback from the patients and developing new additions and more therapeutic agents. The aim was to make women comfortable in their adventure and to find solutions to their problems in every period of their life. The sample results were particularly good. Before starting the next phase of production, I had a dream to become a brand and realize the product not only in the local, but especially in the North American market. This new chapter happened to be true with a partnership in USA and thanks to my large family my partner was a family member too.

In January 2021, I started to work as a visiting instructor at the University because this adventure was going to evolve into a quite different place, and with the right decision, my USA partnership, with the right partner of lifelong experience, officially started. The concept of “holistic” as the tagline in the formation of the brand fully defined the products. We wanted to use the word woman in the slogan by using “holistic solutions for women” because; another woman could only understand a woman’s language. After registering Mon Etoile de Beaute Brand in the USA and launching the company ecommerce website, Amazon process started, and we started to list the products both in the USA and in the local market. We entered production in February 2021 and quickly launched the first products to the local market. In USA, the products arrived at Port Newark on my birthday and settled in both our 3PL partner Shipmonk’s warehouse and Amazon's shelves. Shipment to warehouses, Amazon process and marketing strategy were developing incredibly fast thanks to our planned and structural thinking. And our very first customer, for Mother's Day was Susan from Denver, and in the following days she further supported us with a five-star rating. After the successful summer of 2021, we proudly announced to list in Walmart Marketplace too. As now we start 2022, we are proud and happy to be able to touch the lives of thousands of women that we have always dreamt. We now still walk on our way with our international gynecologist physicians who continuously follow the innovations to support the way we think and lead.


Our mission is and will always be:

Being in and able to touch your lives, intimately, understanding your joys and pains and to create holistic solutions for you.


Our Values:

  • To provide comfort
  • To understand
  • To walk the way beside you
  • Little crazy, always caring
  • Innovative